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Income Tax Preparations Miami, Fl

Preparing your taxes to secure your bright future

Why Choose Tax LogiQ?

Our Miami income tax preparation specialists are here to help you identify key points within your income tax returns to get you the maximum refund.

Lowest Fees

Compare our prices with our competitors to find that our fees are the lowest - guaranteed.

100% Accuracy

We firmly stand behind our 100% tax preparation accuracy & up-to-date tax calculations.

Fast Response

Our goal is to get you the maximum refund as quickly, effectively, and affordably as possible.


Stick with Tax LogiQ to handle your tax returns every year to get you the maximum refund.

Maximum Refund

We work to get you the maximum refund so that you get back every dollar that you’ve ever paid in taxes.

Tax Breaks

Take advantage of tax breaks that you may qualify for to significantly lower the blow of your tax costs.

All Income Types

We’ll get you the maximum refund amount, no matter what type of reported income that you have.

E-Filing System

E-filing is an easy-to-use system that allows you to file quickly & keep a record of your tax returns.

Get The Most

We waste no time in getting you the most out of your refund

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Increase Your Funding

Increase your funding by rethinking your filing status, embracing tax deductions, or maximizing your IRA & HSA contributions.

Student Funding

If you’ve ever received a scholarship or government grant after paying school tuition, then you can declare school expenses.

Medical Expenses

You are able to write off medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, ultimately reducing your taxable income.

What You Need For Income Tax Preparation

Documentation & information needed for 100% accuracy

We go through the list of information that we need to provide the most accurate reading of your tax expenses.

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