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Start-Up Business

Getting you a start-up business tax break is a great perk

Totals, Taxes, & Timing

Understanding what costs are tax deductible

Launching a new business is exciting. However, there may be some unforeseen costs that can slow down production. Luckily for you, the IRS tends to cut new business owners a break when it comes to their taxes. In fact, start-up business costs are tax deductible!

“What type of start-up business costs are deductible?” you may ask.

Well, we have the answers right here. Check it out!

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  • Market Research
  • Analysis Software
  • Computers/Phones
  • Training Costs

Office Location

  • Vendors
  • Office Supplies
  • Rent/Utilities
  • Locating Scouting

Promotional Branding

  • Advertising
  • Online Marketing
  • Website Costs
  • Digital Media

Legal & Accounting Fees

Adding more deductions to your list

Legal & accounting fees are also recognized as being tax deductible for start-up businesses. These fees are only deductible as business start-up expenses, and you can even deduct $5,000 of legal & accounting start-up expenses during the first year that you’re in business.